Top 7 Carpet Cleaning Facts


1. It is better value for money to receive regular carpet cleaning

One of the most common mistakes by homeowners is not cleaning their carpets on a regular basis. It is must better value for money to purchase a high quality carpet and maintain it effectively than buy cheaper ones and keep replacing them. A regularly treated and well looked after product could last ten times as long as one with low resistance.

2. The underlay is just as important as the carpet

There is absolutely not point in spending a small fortune and not protecting it with a high quality thick underlay. If you try to save money on the underlay you will end up jeopardising the lifespan of your carpets.

3. New carpets still need professional steam cleaning

It doesn’t matter just how new your carpet is, it will still require steam cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, carpets do not have to appear dirty to require cleaning. Dirt, oils, allergens and other contaminants become trapped between the fibres, turning it into a fuzzy fluff-ball.

4. Off-the-shelf stain removal products can damage your carpet

Whist these products may be cheaper than professional steam cleaning, they can damage your carpets. We will not deny that they may also be able to remove some stains, but they are renowned for stripping the colour out of the carpets too. Professional cleaning technicians are experienced at removing tough stains and will know exactly what products to use on specific materials.

5. Regular vacuuming is essential

Maintaining your carpet isn’t all about professional cleaning, it is also about what you can do on a daily basis. Vacuuming on a frequent basis, even as much as once a day, could add years on to the life of your carpet.

6. Steam cleaning is the best carpet cleaning method

There are of course several professional carpet cleaning methods such as dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning, yet steam cleaning is the only method to be recommended by industry bodies and carpet manufacturers. Steam cleaning can effectively remove all the pollutants in your carpets, leaving them cleaner and healthier.

7. Don’t use carpet deodoriser

If you want to freshen up your home one of the most popular products on the market is a deodoriser. If you value your carpets it is a good idea to stop using this as it can become stuck in the fibres, leaving behind stains. If your carpets are cleaned on a regular basis you should not need to add deodoriser.

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