Tips to Help Working Mothers to Relaunch a Successful Career


Getting back to work is not as easy as you may think. There may have been a considerable gap in your career, and picking up the threads from where you left is easier said than done.

We have compiled a few tips for the working mother who wants to relaunch her career.

Time Management

The first and foremost consideration when relaunching your career is of course, how you fit in your job with all the responsibilities as a working mom.

Most working moms prefer to restart work after their kids have left the house to attend school, since they have some time to themselves. The best thing to do would be to work around your children’s schedule.

Leave for work at the time the kids go to school and arrange to be at home by the time they come back. You should be able to get in a reasonable 8 hours of work. If you do not want to work full time, you can get a part-time job, or you could start your own business as a consultant, depending on your experience.

It is better to make your time constraints very clear at the outset of the job to avoid time-related conflicts with your company later.

Share Responsibilities

Most working mothers fall into the trap of doing everything for their husbands and kids, from cooking and cleaning to laying out their clothes. This will have to change once you decide to relaunch your career.

A successful working mom needs to have the support of her family. Ask your husband to take some responsibility for the housework and give the kids chores to do, so that you are not overburdened and don’t burn out.


When you start working after a long layoff, it is natural to have some apprehensions and fears. There are bound to be changes in the industry, even if you have joined the same company you last worked with.

So, a good thing would be to first spend a couple of days relearning the job and its requirements, and generally reorienting yourself with the company.

Learn New Skills

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace, and you are most likely to be behind the latest trends and techniques. This is more relevant if you are an IT professional, engineer or doctor.

It is a good idea to research any new technologies that are being used in your old job and to spend some time learning them. This is necessary, especially if you want to start at your last position and not a couple of notches below.

It is not easy to relaunch your career after some time away. But with proper planning, grit, determination and family support, you can do it successfully.

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