The List of 5 amazing Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday has a special and lovely sensation all through the life. But while you are a kid, the whole demeanor of everyone in is a different one. Kids are the engines of a home and thus to see them in their happiest form is everyone’s motive. Here are some birthday party ideas that you can implement for celebrating the kids special day.

Pizza Party: Order all sorts of big, medium, large, veg, non-veg pizzas for the party and see the wonderful kids juggle from one piece to another with fun and excitement. You may use wallpapers with pizza print to decorate your kid’s birthday party venue. birthday cakes for kid can be ordered that is designed just like a pizza.

Alice in Wonderland Party: If your sweet baby girl is a huge fan of Alice and the characters, she would be truly thrilled with this arrangement. Dress her up just like Alice with a blue or white frock and a cute bow hairband. Keep the cards, rabbit, and talking cat (you would get it in a toy shop) all over the room. Arrange cute small tables with tea pot and birthday cakes. In fact you can get a tea pot designed cake for this theme party.

Harry Potter Party: The whole world went crazy for this magical boy! J.K. Rowling’s eternal sketch of a simple innocent boy who turns into a great wizard is simply mesmerizing. His best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were his constant aid in his journey in the wizard school. Imagination and adventure saw a new turn with this creation. So, every kid and some adults too have read the book and seen the movies. You must be prepared well to throw a Harry Potter theme party. You can send out invitations that look like letters of acceptance to Hogwarts. Instead of a big birthday cake, get small cupcakes with Hogwart’s theme like platform no. 9 ¾. Make the chop sticks look like a magic wand.

Treasure Hunt Party: Kid’s find this game really engaging. Make the kids play in team so that they always learn the team work. You have to hide items around the house or outside. Or prepare a list of hidden objects and ask the groups to find these items. The team which finds out the most number of treasures from this hunting game wins a prize.

Chhota Bheem Party: Chhota Bheem has gained quite a popularity in the recent years. You can ask the guest kids to come in the get up of their favorite Chhota Bheem character. Then make these wonderful kids walk the ramp in their beautiful get up. Give some lovely gifts to each one them participating. Cake is always the major highlight of any birthday party. Your cake for this party should be a rich fondant kid’s birthday cake depicting the kingdom of Dholakpur.