Social Support and Parenting among Mothers Experiencing Homelessness: Parenting: Vol 0, No 0


Aim . Successful parenting is among the the strongest predictors of baby resilience, but the anxiety and adversity connected with homelessness may perhaps undermine the capacity of caregivers to guardian. To detect malleable things that could foster resilience in parenting, this research investigated social assistance in relation to observed parenting in the context of homelessness. Structure . Members provided ninety five moms (M age = 29.seventy five, 64.two% African American) and their four- to six-calendar year-aged children (fifty five.eight% male) residing in shelters for households experiencing homelessness. Mothers accomplished questionnaires, and trained raters coded video clip recordings of structured parent–child interactions for effective parenting. Outcomes . Mothers described “fairly high” satisfaction with assistance and regular assistance network dimensions of two persons. Mothers described far more satisfaction when assistance arrived from loved ones users and decreased anxiety when assistance arrived from a co-guardian. Neither satisfaction with assistance or assistance

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