Sharing in the Family System: Contributions of Parental Emotional Expressiveness and Children’s Physiological Regulation: Parenting: Vol 0, No 0


Goal. The present research examines irrespective of whether associations in between mothers’ and fathers’ psychological expressiveness and children’s observed sharing habits vary for two young kids in the very same relatives and irrespective of whether children’s baseline respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) moderates relations in between psychological expressiveness and sharing. Style and design. Entirely 69 households, such as mothers, fathers, more mature siblings (Mage = fifty seven.52 months), and younger siblings (Mage = 32.68 months) participated. Multilevel Poisson models were being utilized to account for nesting of kids in households and the count consequence of sharing. Outcomes. Mothers who claimed expressing much more positive emotion experienced kids who shared much more, and this effect was moderated by child baseline RSA these types of that mothers who claimed expressing much more positive feelings experienced kids who shared much more when kids experienced reduced ranges

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