Fujifilm’s X100V adds a tilt screen, more resolution and 4K video

Many thanks to the new sensor and processor, the X100V can shoot at close to 11 fps with ongoing AF enabled (twenty fps in electronic shutter method), in contrast to eight fps for the final design. At the same time, it brings in excess of the 429-stage hybrid period- and distinction-detect AF procedure from the X-T3 and X-Pro3. That also suggests you get face and eye detection and other subject tracking options the X100F lacked (and that are so helpful on a street images camera).

Fujifilm X100V compact fixed-lens APS-C camera

The new sensor needs much better optics, so the X100V has a new 23mm f/2. set lens. Fujifilm stated it can be created for “better resolution, lower distortion and improved close concentration effectiveness.” At the same time, it can be the same size as the previous lens and appropriate with Fujifilm’s present large WCL-X100 II and telephoto TCL-X100 II conversion lenses. Fujifilm also boosted the

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