4 Big Myths About COVID-19 Variants People Need To Stop Believing

Over the earlier month, news of new SARS-CoV-2 variants has emerged from all-around the globe: 1st in the United Kingdom, then South Africa and Brazil. Now all those strains are in the United States.

The studies are unsettling. Several of us were being finally hoping for better days, many thanks to the vaccine rollout and a slight dip in positivity costs in this place. Instead, infectious condition authorities alert that the future six to 14 months may well be the “darkest” time period of the pandemic yet if we’re not mindful.

We have been thrust again into a time period of true scientific uncertainty, but it is also not all terrible news. Battling to make perception of what is going on? Here are 4 typical myths about the COVID-19 variants — and some details on what we know (and do not) so significantly:

Fantasy #1: The COVID-19 variants caught health

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