EA allows ‘Madden NFL 21’ Xbox Series X upgrades until ‘NFL 22’ arrives

When EA very first released an selection to update the Xbox 1 variation of Madden NFL 21 to the Xbox Series X release for free, it gave players until finally March 31st, 2021 to make the determination. Which is not a lot time if you are not dead set on purchasing the Series X suitable away, is it? You will not have to worry quite so a lot going forward, nonetheless. EA has quietly up to date its “Next Level” teaser page to prolong the update period until finally the arrival of Madden NFL 22. You can obtain the Xbox 1 edition a number of months immediately after the point and continue to have some time to determine if you want Microsoft’s upcoming-gen console.

The web page was up to date “earlier this week,” an EA spokesperson told Polygon (by way of Operation Sporting activities). The publisher experienced

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