Intentional youth firearm injuries linked to sociodemographic factors

Conclusions may well support information policy and notify interventions for the avoidance of firearm accidents in at chance youth

April 01, 2021

Firearm accidents are a leading and preventable result in of personal injury and death among the youth – responsible for an approximated five,000 fatalities and 22,000 non-deadly personal injury clinic visits every single 12 months in American little ones. And when clinic units are poised to tackle this issue employing a community wellness solution, avoidance efforts and insurance policies may well be differentially effective. A new research led by scientists at Children’s National Hospital, finds that sociodemographic aspects associated to intent of personal injury by firearm may well be helpful in guiding policy and informing personalized interventions for the avoidance of firearm accidents in at-chance youth. 

“We sought to explore distinctions by personal injury intent in a nationally representative sample of youth presenting to the unexpected emergency division

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