How To Stay Warm At Home When Your Power Is Out

The fatal winter season storm this 7 days left hundreds of thousands of Us residents without energy and warmth in frigid temperatures ― a predicament that carries the threat of hypothermia, carbon monoxide poisoning and frostbite among other hazards.

Although there are warming stations all over tricky-hit destinations like Texas, several are however driving out the icy aftermath in their residences. If you come across oneself at household without energy, there are strategies to enhance your security and comfort.

HuffPost spoke to experts about properly taking care of this predicament at household. Here’s what you will need to know about keeping heat in your household amid a winter season energy and warmth outage.

Insulate your household.

It is critical to preserve warmth inside your household and preserve the cold out.

“Openings like windows and exterior doorways are the typical culprits the place you’re going to shed warmth in your household,”

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