Sex Tips For Girls That Your Mother Never Taught You


With the advent of Cyberspace, girls find it easy to scour the internet and browse through sites that provide maximum information. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know how to use the advanced search engines. Relevant information is available with a click of a few keys and no one except you is wiser about the information you are now armed with.

You can surprise your lover by taking a few bold steps to advance your relationship. Your boyfriend may be naturally shy or ignorant about subtlety. Women, we agree, are better at intercepting moves and getting the message across to our men, with body language, perhaps shedding a few tears or pretending to be “the helpless female” who needs a man to suggest how to run her life. Various sex tips for girls are available online. There is no harm in trying to make your relationship more exciting, action-filled and fulfilling.

Men do not look for ulterior motives when they make their advances. They only want to prove they are good lovers and will try anything if you let them believe they are the best in bed. This does not mean that you have to keep your mouth shut when he ejaculates prematurely and leaves you “hanging”. It is okay for you to use the different sex tips for girls that your mother never taught you to reach your orgasmic peaks with or before him.

Most girls are unfamiliar with the erotic sensations that could be theirs if they were stroked and fondled correctly. For that matter, men are amazed at the information they get online on the way they can get their women to orgasm with sex tips for girls. Make sure you respond to your lover’s new moves as he is eager to please you and wants to maintain that relationship. Let him feel he is king of all he surveys and the master in the bedroom. This will give him the impetus to make things better for you. Make sure you exclaim, gasp and moan with abandon if he is doing it the right way. Let him know if he is not!

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