Dear Annie: Mother has bedbugs in her living room and bedroom and she’s ‘choosing to live with the bugs’

Expensive ANNIE: My mother lives alone and has bedbugs in her residing area and bed room. She also has a large amount of litter.

She experienced a specialist treatment of just one of the rooms, but the bugs returned. She suggests that planning for additional therapy would be much too tense, so she is selecting to stay with the bugs. She has refused any assistance from me or my siblings. We have made available to support her get ready or get rid of the bedbugs.

Recently, she is declaring she thinks the bugs are absent because she simply cannot see any of them. But she can’t see extremely properly, and when we check, we usually uncover bugs. Since of this, we are limiting our make contact with with Mother to cell phone calls and occasional visits outdoors. It’s heartbreaking!

Meanwhile, Mother carries on to have visitors inside of her property,

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