Orthodox Jewish Mother of 6 Thrown In Jail by Ohio Judge

Peter Julie Goffstein with their 6 youngsters. Credit: Sylvania Southview Reunion Web site

An Orthodox Jewish mother of 6, who has been battling her ex-spouse to enable her to increase her youngsters in an Orthodox Jewish property, has been thrown in jail by an Ohio Choose.

An Orthodox Jewish mom of 6 who was barred from talking with her have young children due to the fact she insisted on elevating them in a spiritual property has been thrown in jail mainly because she lacked the economical signifies to reimburse her wealthy ex-partner $10,000 in courtroom expenditures as order by an Ohio judge.

Julie Goffstein and her husband Peter Goffstein experienced been boosting their boys as associates of the Chabad group in Cincinnati when Peter Goffstein made a decision that he no more time desired to reside a spiritual way of living. Presented an ultimatum of picking out among her faith and her marriage, Julie selected to continue dwelling her daily life as a Jew and the Goffstein’s bitter divorce started to unfold in 2010. Right after listening to the testimony of 11 character witnesses and two courtroom ordered evaluations, Judge Jon Sieve of the Hamilton County, Ohio Court docket of Common Pleas awarded full custody of all of the Goffstein small children to their mom, exclusively noting the value of continuity for the boys who had been elevated in an Orthodox household.

Julie Goffstein – Facebook

9 months later, Peter submitted for a reallocation of custody and within just months Decide Sieve experienced reversed his decision, awarding Peter complete custody of the 4 more youthful children, observing that Julie’s insistence on sending the youngsters to yeshiva was not in their most effective desire. When Judge Sieve’s ruling allowed the little ones to stay in yeshiva, Julie was held liable for paying out their tuition, with Peter supplied the authority to make all of the children’s educational conclusions. About time, the problem continued to deteriorate, with Peter filing a number of lawsuits from his former spouse and Julie moved with the two older boys to Crown Heights where they continued in yeshiva, whilst the four younger boys were despatched to community faculty versus their will by their father.

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As the courtroom battles ongoing, Peter Goffstein ongoing to hold the youthful kids shielded from both their mom and their Jewish heritage, allegedly chopping off one child’s payos, eradicating the boys’ yarmulkas and generating them take in pork. Pals of Julie’s also claimed that he smeared urine on one child’s experience as a punishment for a religious observance and that Peter continuously bullied anyone who supported Julie’s mission of raising her sons in an observant dwelling. Ultimately the courtroom forbade Julie from talking about any religious issues with her sons, and she was uncovered in contempt of court docket for telling just one son of her endeavours to get him again into yeshiva.

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Whilst Peter is particularly wealthy, Julie’s financial situation is very bleak, possessing been stripped of all marital assets by Judge Sieve. His most recent final decision, holding Julie in contempt of court for remaining unable to reimburse her ex-husbands court prices and sending her to jail, seems to be the hottest obstacle thrown at Julie basically for the reason that she has preferred to elevate her sons as practicing users of the Jewish faith. Julie’s sons, ranging in age from nine to eighteen are dwelling a existence of turmoil, with the younger boys going through their father’s reported harassment and the two more mature boys now residing alone in Crown Heights simply because of Julie’s imprisonment.

Julie Goffstein – Facebook

5 Strategies TO HELP 
1. A Chesed Fund campaign has been established up to support increase cash for Julie and assistance with all legal expenses and to gain her instant launch. She has been unable to pay back her lawyer comprehensive thanks to economic difficulties.

Simply click right here to assistance. To donate by means of paypal:[email protected].

2. A grassroots endeavours on Fb by The Women’s Coalition has been organizing a phone in and electronic mail marketing campaign asking Ohio Main Justice Maureen O’Connor to disqualify Judge Sieve for discrimination and to need Julie’s release.

3. Other means to aid consist of pressuring Cincinnati media shops to include the tale.

4. For Ohio residents to arrive at out to their elected officers and talk to them to advocate for Julie’s release and Choose Sieve’s censure.

5. Those wishing to further assist Julie can email Stuart Lichter ([email protected]), president of Industrial Retail Team, where Peter serves as a senior vice president in the Cincinnati office and question for Peter Goffstein’s elimination for the reason that of his unacceptable actions.

Choose O’Connor can be attained at 614-387-9250 or at [email protected]

Sample text to send the decide:

Expensive Decide O’Connor,

I am speaking to you today to protest the discriminatory therapy of Julie Goffstein by Judge Jon Sieve, an exceptionally biased choose who threw Julie in jail on July 11th.

Julie has been observed in contempt for not paying out her ex’s attorney’s service fees and for contacting her youngsters and is staying forced to shell out $10,000 for her wealthy ex’s attorney’s charges, which she does not have due to the fact Choose Sieve deprived her of her rightful marital property. She is also currently being found in contempt for getting in touch with her youngsters, who he unjustly took away from her, ostensibly due to her religious beliefs—which is unconstitutional. Tellingly, he only took the 4 youngest boys due to the fact the father did not want the two oldest, proving that it is not genuinely about religion it is about empowering the father. He also purchased Julie to spend $500 to a fathers’ rights group prior to he was rightfully admonished by you.

Decide Sieve promises that the children have professional psychological distress owing to their mother making contact with them, but the authentic damage to the children was triggered by him using four younger boys absent from their mother, their key bond, who was a loving, stay-at-house mother.

There are lots of other items which affirm Judge Sieve’s bias. Remember to quit the injustice in opposition to Julie by disqualifying him and ship a information to other judges and the community that discrimination in opposition to females in family courts will not be tolerated.

Thank you



By The Chesed Fund

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