My Latest Scratch and Dent Grocery Haul


I experienced a rented a automobile the other working day and needed to do some errands which includes obtaining some matters, and I had a couple of selection of places to invest in individuals issues and resolved to choose the area with a scratch and dent retail outlet so I could hit two birds with a person stone- get frugal things, devoid of hurting my system in the procedure. I’m glad I went, because I obtained some great bargains. Complete for this shop was just $53.42. If I had acquired this store at a typical grocery retail outlet it would have charge at least $135!

So, what did I purchase?

Lemon juice generally expenses at the very least $1.28 for the generic model, and I acquired 3 bottles for $.95. I was out of lemon juice (due to the fact I have been applying it a lot just lately to make lemonade and guacamole) and getting it for this rate was just a nice reward.

I like to hold my house perfectly stocked in olive oil, simply because it usually is really pricey. Generic brand name olive oil expenditures bare minimum $8 for each bottle, and I purchased 2 bottles for $5.14 just about every. 

I purchased gluten free egg noodles. Regularly I are not able to find any gluten totally free noodles for something a lot less than $2.85 for 350 grams, and the noodles I bought usually cost $5 for every 250 gram package, and I acquired 6 offers for $1.90 for every 250 gram offer, or the equivalent $2.32 for a 350 gram bundle. 

I like to use soy flakes to possibly extend my floor beef in recipes or to swap it fully. My little ones enjoy a meat free model of bolognese using TVP soy flakes which rehydrate into a large sum, so a small bit goes a extensive way. A package deal of soy flakes costs $8.57, but I obtain it solely at scratch and dent suppliers. I bought 3 packages for $1.90 each individual. 

I never buy dried figs because they are fairly pricey, primarily factoring in for each pound. But recently I found them at the scratach and dent store for $1.14 for each package, which is brilliant since they are ordinarily $4.25 for each bundle, and my young children liked them, so I determined to see if I could buy extra, and the retail store still experienced them, but when I acquired to the counter they advised me that the cost was reduce than what was labeled on them, and they really value $.71 per offer… so I purchased 16 offers. 

They experienced pickles staying sold for $.95 for each can when they ordinarily cost $1.85, so I bought 3 cans. 

They had breadsticks for $.95 per package deal when they typically are $1.71 so I bought 3.

We are huge peanut butter eaters in our dwelling and the most affordable I at any time uncover peanut butter is $2.85 for the generic model, while title brand name like Skippy or Jif is $5 for each jar. They experienced peanut butter for $2.38, like Jif! I bought 3 jars. 

Previous but not least, they experienced sweet sesame halva unfold for $1.71 when it frequently costs $4. 

In general I’m really happy with my store and I am glad I was able to fill my residence with each staples and points my youngsters can take to consume as treats between meals, and that I didn’t damage my human body in the procedure of obtaining frugal groceries.

Have you gotten any terrific deals grocery browsing lately? What have been they?

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