Mom, My Girlfriend’s Pregnant. What Do I Do? ::


Hey, Mother? Recall that lady I was looking at a couple months back?” 

“I do.”

 “Nicely, she informed me that she’s pregnant and that the baby’s mine.” 

In my head, a warp-pace montage of each second of his 16 a long time: his start, his very first day of faculty, his laughter, his increasing self-assurance, his gentleman-voice, excitedly sharing his dreams for lifetime following high faculty… 

Also in my head: Holyshitholyshitholyshit 

From my mouth: “Okay, then. Unpredicted. How do you feel about that?” 

“I don’t know. Terrified, maybe? I mean, it’s achievable, I guess. We utilized a condom and she’s on the tablet, she reported…but…do I provide to fork out for an abortion, or do we share the infant, or…what?” 

For what it’s well worth, there is nothing in any parenting book that had organized me for this discussion, to hear people text appear out of his mouth. Am very positive that mine dropped open up, as my mind scrambled to method every thing he was indicating, asking, seeking. 

In my head: Holyshitholyshitholyshit 

From my mouth: “Initial, get all the info. Textual content her instantly, now. 

Secondly, in the long run, you need to have to support what ever choice she arrives to. Her entire body, her choice.” 

“Okay, but if she decides to have the infant, how does that perform? Does she preserve it, or do I get to be, like, a father?” 

In my head: He reported get. Not have to. Get your shit collectively in this article, girl, and DO NOT cry. 

From my mouth: “You would be, yes. A father.” 

“But…how do I do that?” 

In my head: Why are you asking me? I’ve been a mother for 16 a long time, and evidently, I have NO Thought what I’m undertaking! 

From my mouth: 1 breath at a time, infant. 1 breath, a person second at a time. 

Also, from my mouth: Holy shit. 


This particular parenting second finished in no actual being pregnant, some fiercely-worded texts between one more woman’s infant and mine…and an aching feeling of reduction. 

Not for the boy or girl-that-was not. But for the children they had been, a second back…and who they are, no extended. 




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