I Am Pregnant – Should I Worry About Pesticides?


Whether you’ve just found out you are pregnant or you are trying with all your might to make it happen, there are many things to consider about the health of an unborn child. There are many environmental factors we are exposed to everyday and there is no doubt that a developing fetus needs NDSI Providers.

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Environmental Toxin Number One is pesticides. Should you be concerned about exposure? Yes. Absolutely you should be concerned and let us now explore why.

Pesticides are primarily based on leftover nerve gas technology from World War II. During that intense, frightening period in our country’s history, there were no guarantees that we would be victorious. Scientists of the day were developing all sorts of weapons – biological included – to aid in defeating enemies who would fight to the death. One of the discoveries of the period was nerve gas.

Nerve gas serves to alter the brain or nervous system. The intent may be immediate (gas chambers) or can be more subtle or long-term such as affecting reproductive, digestive or respiratory functions all controlled by the brain. These are known as neuro-toxins as they are toxic to the brain.

Well after WWII and the Cold War began, the scientific data was used to create pesticides. If human brains could be altered by nerve gas, what if the levels were really low and pests could be affected instead? Decent thought process in theory, but at what point is a neuro-toxin level ever considered safe?

So pesticides were developed that killed pests and the levels were tested on mice and other animals to conclude the levels were fine. DDT in particular did more to eradicate pests than all other pest control solutions to date or since. But slowly, reality emerged. DDT is far from harmless! Many species – and the higher up the food chain the more affected – began to experience sharp declines in population. Eagles in particular were the poster child from the ravages of DDT. It was eventually banned but not after being used for decades with such prevalence that today, there are creatures that live in remote areas of the Earth have been found to have DDT in their tissue.

Just because DDT was banned doesn’t mean the other pesticides taking their place are much better. Numerous studies have concluded BEYOND A DOUBT that pesticide exposure during pregnancy results in lower birth weights, Developmental Disabilities, Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and lower IQs. Higher incidences of fetal abnormalities, stillborn births and certain types of cancer in children are also indisputably linked to pesticides. Absolutely be concerned about exposure to pesticides while pregnant!

Here is the really scary part – we are exposed often times without our knowledge. Many public places are sprayed with chemical pesticides on an ongoing basis using colorless, odorless products. Our food supply is a cocktail of pesticides as U.S. Agriculture uses an astounding more than 2500 pounds of pesticides per person per year when growing crops.

So if you are planning on getting pregnant or think you may be – seriously re-think your lifestyle decisions. Buy organic, use natural pest control products and make sure places you frequent (or stay long periods of time such as an office) are as pesticide free as possible so you can minimize your exposure. Within your home, within your garden and everywhere you can manage to control, natural pest control is the solution that is best for everyone – especially your newborn baby!

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