How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done with ADHD


This earlier winter season, I returned household exhausted following a full working day of cross-country snowboarding and muttered 1 of the most harming phrases in my vocabulary: “I’ll do it later on.”

I normally retail store my ski boots and ski garments in the basement. But I was so weary and worn out that the last point I wanted to do was trek down the basement stairs to stow absent my equipment.

Then I caught myself. Anytime achievable, as significantly as I dislike a undertaking, I do it now, not afterwards, even if it signifies forcing myself to do the dreaded endeavor.

How generally do we procrastinate and say, “I’ll do it afterwards,” when we actually have time to do it now?

Why It is Tricky to Cease Procrastinating

Numerous people today with ADHD don’t know how to stop procrastinating. We uncover it difficult to total many mundane and monotonous responsibilities, this kind of as folding laundry, matching socks, paying expenditures, filing papers, opening mail, and so on. It is easy to encourage ourselves to deal with them at a further time.

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We may possibly say, “I’ll do it later on,” when we really do not want to do anything at that instant — but we never want to do it later, either. We just really don’t want to do it! We desire the process would mysteriously and magically go away. Often we even persuade ourselves that a endeavor has gone away.

Halt Procrastinating with Magical Imagining

At times our procrastination takes the kind of magical pondering, where by we consider that we did a endeavor we hadn’t. I’m generally shocked when I discover the unmade bed in my bedroom. “That’s peculiar,” I’ll imagine. “I considered I designed it this morning!”

Other times I depart a undertaking for later, return, and the job is nevertheless ready for me. I am surprised it wasn’t automagically accomplished!

Soon after dwelling with ADHD for 78 many years, I’ve realized that if I will need to get things done — like cleansing the kitchen — I was the a single who essential to do it. I couldn’t magically summon a housekeeping robot to rescue me. Procrastinating can make a straightforward chore extra intricate and more difficult to end simply because a part received misplaced, instructions had been misplaced, paint drippings dried, damp laundry got smelly, or weeds overcome the yard…

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Then I question why I did not just do the process when it 1st required to be completed.

In the ebook Getting Matters Finished: The Artwork of Strain-Totally free Productivity, creator David Allen describes a “two-moment rule” that states this: If an motion requires less than two minutes, do it now. For folks with ADHD, this “two-moment rule” need to be modified to a “five-minute rule” to save us untold time and disappointment for the reason that it will consider us significantly extended to re-interact in a undertaking we didn’t complete the first time.

In other phrases, do not “do it later on.” Get it completed now!

How to Quit Procrastinating with ADHD: Next Steps

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