How to keep your kid confertable in night


Sleep is very essential for the proper functioning of the body. this is because it enables your child to relax and be well prepared for the next tasks in their lives.

For your child to get good sleep, they need to sleep comfertaable during the night which depends on a number of factors such as their daily routine.

Good sleep is also essential for the growth of the brain of your child.

Here are several tips that can help you as a parent to ensure that you keep your child comfertable in the night:

Ensure that your child relax before bedtime

This technique is very useful in keeping your child comfertable at night for older kids you can encourage them to read a book or even listern to a sweet soothing music.

Alternatively you can also tell them a bedtime story that will make their mind relax with ease. 

you can also encourage them to tell you how their day was, it is a good way to clear their mind.

For toddlers, ensuring that you give them a bath before they sleep and changing their diapers helps a lot.

Keep regular sleep and wake time

Keep your child bedtime and wake up time within a range of 1 to 2 hours, this help them to develop a sleeping pattern. it also ensures that their body and mind automatically respond to sleep within that period of time.

Practicing such a thing can be handy during weekends and school days.

Warm clothes for sleep 

Ensure that you baby puts on warm cloths such as boys pyjamas and girls pyjamas depending on the gender of your child whereby this boys pyjamas and girls pyjamas are comfortable for your child.

You can also ensure they have thick socks and a pair of mitten to keep their legs and hands warm.

Also making sure that you tuck in the sheet and blackets in their bed to ensure they stay covered throughout the night is vital since most kid tend to move during the night.

From this article it is clear that a good sleep for a child influences a kid to be mentally stable, hence it is essential for a child to sleep comfertable.

Make sure your child feels safe at night

Make sure that your baby feels safe at night by avoiding to watch scary movies at night. this can prevent them from having night mares.

You can always encourage your child to pray ,making sure they grow spiritually helps them to overcome fear, some kids also feel safe to sleep with night lights on .

Check the noise and light in the bedroom of your child

Always ensure that the room is not too light or too noisy for your kid to sleep since such scenarios delays you kid from sleeping on time.

Keep screens out of your the room of your child at night and switch of the light atleast an an hour earlier.

Ensure that your child eat the right amount of food at the right time

Making sure that your kid has been feed enough at the right time facilitates digestion.feeling hungry or being too full can make your child wake up at night due to being uncomfortable.

This makes it harder for your kid to sleep on an empty stomach.

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