How To Ensure It Is Safe For Your Child


Tylenol’s generic name is Acetaminophen and it is employed to handle fever and moderate to reasonable soreness. So no matter whether you use Tylenol for teething/ Tylenol for teething little one at night time or no matter what is approved by the medical professional is completely protected when –


  • Specified in the proper dosages (according to weight & age)
  • Supplied at the ideal intervals of time


If any of these are missed, then Tylenol can be the bring about of liver problems or even liver failure.


If your child is having any other treatment, when you commence providing them Tylenol as perfectly, make sure that the other medicines do not contain Acetaminophen, as it can bring about an above dosage. Administering the medication at proper intervals is also necessary.


Numerous cough & cold medicines incorporate Tylenol for illustration –

  • Benadryl Allergy and Chilly Tablets (325 mg)
  • Sudafed PE Nighttime Most Strength Tablets (325 mg)
  • Theraflu Nighttime Intense Chilly and Cough Powder (650 mg)
  • Tylenol Plus Children’s Chilly and Allergy Suspension
  • Tylenol Sore Throat Nighttime Liquid
  • Tylenol Chest Congestion Liquid


Note: Various of these medications mention Acetaminophen as ‘APAP’ in their material record, which lots of dad and mom may possibly not be equipped to detect. So make sure you be warn and conscious of the articles before administering additional than a single drugs to your child.


Acetaminophen overdose cases causing liver hurt are also seen in grown ups. In reality, a recent research conducted by Larson & colleagues located that “Tylenol toxicity was the major bring about of acute liver failure in older people in the United States.” Of the examined 662 older people with acute liver failure, 42% of the circumstances have been brought on by Acetaminophen overdose.


We nonetheless say Tylenol is secure and quite useful when no household solutions get the job done for teething suffering. But we do emphasize on the significance of the right volume of dosage and time intervals involving two dosages. That’s why most moms and dads all-around the globe are incredibly at ease and vouch for Tylenol for teething toddler at night and even for the duration of the working day.


Tylenol, with the 160mg/5mL strength and dosages primarily based on the excess weight of the kid is typically secure for infants. On the other hand, if you want to be doubly harmless about it, communicate to your medical professional about dosage tips.

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