Fun Ways to Educate your Kids about Animals


There is a thing line between love and hate for animals for kids. It’s still amazing how my second daughter would smile, giggle and laugh while watching popular animal-like cartoon characters on TV. She would go on and on for minutes, but the reverse is the case when she sights my neighbor’s German shepherd puppy a mile away. Occasionally, I tried convincing her with the name of the cartoon character she loves so much, but it never worked.

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Perhaps there’s a way to set a connection between these lovely creatures and our kids in whom we care for so much. The National Geographic Kids Magazine recently took a survey in the form of reviews on how little kids share an unexplainable connection with animals, especially pets. The love and affection are already a part of these kids, all we need do is teach and help them establish a relationship on common ground. These fun ways will help you educate your kids about animals.

Keep a Cute Pet

There is a notion that believes that little pets think, act and feel like kids. I believe this to be true. Animals that we keep around us as pets are mammals of similar emotional build up like humans. They can feel, sense, almost tell when a person is heartbroken and needs comfort. Or when the atmosphere in the house seems so dry and needs a little lightening up.

These animals interestingly maintain direct eye contact with kids to help them feel comfortable when around. How cute right? Keeping a pet will also help teach your kids to be responsible. It’s okay if you sometimes allow them to do the washing of the animal, pick up their dung hygienically, and help clean where they sleep in.

Always Make Reference to the Animals 

Maybe during a TV show or movies, point and say a thing or two about the animals to your children. Name and identify these animals by pointing out what makes each one distinct from the other. You can always start with basic things like mimicking the sound they make, the way they walk, and perhaps their facial expressions.

Also, read books that have pictorial illustrations of what these animals look like and how they interact with one another to your kids. Books with animals’ stories have a way of making these stories look real to the child because of the pictures in them.

Plan Trips to the Zoos and Farms

Making out time to plan fun trips to the zoo and nearby farms for the entire family is not just fun but also an educative experience for the kids. Such family excursions are bound to leave lasting effects on the kids than the ones from school. This is because the excursions organized by the school are always in formal settings and most times all the kids get to do is play with each other.

Visit Animal Welfare Centers

Visits to animal welfare centers would teach your kids to be representatives for animal care and general well-being. These visits will also help your child value the importance of caring for his/her pet.

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