Delightful parenting: Oranges for Kids



Whether you consume them raw, make jam, or prepare a fresh glass of
juice, oranges taste as refreshing as ever in any form. Not only does this
juicy fruit taste delicious, but it also provides a bucket load of nutrition
and health benefits to your kids. Here are some quick nutritional facts and the benefits of oranges for kids.


oranges for kids
Oranges for kids are super healthy.

Oranges Nutritional Facts 

These contain various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are
extremely necessary for the sound physical development of infants and children.
A single mid-sized orange provides:

      Calories – 73

      Sodium – 13 mg

      Fiber – 2.8 g

      Fat – 0.2 g

      Carbohydrates – 16.5 g

      Sugar – 12 g

      Proteins – 1.3 g

      Potassium – 232 mg

      Calcium – 60.2 mg

      Vitamin C – 82.7 mg


This fruit has a low glycemic index and provides immune-boosting,
bone-strengthening nutrients in a small serving.


Health Benefits of

The essential nutrients in these provide various preventive health
benefits to your kids:


      Counter Indigestion and Constipation


Infants and kids often suffer from digestive
issues like indigestion and constipation. Regular consumption of this citrus
fruit can help in stimulating the digestion process in kids to relieve
gastrointestinal troubles. Moreover, these contain good fiber content that
supports bowel movement in kids.


      Stronger Bones


Oranges are rich in minerals and salts such as
calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and phosphate. Daily
consumption can help prevent various bone-related disorders in kids, such as
softening of joints, rickets, and weakening of bones.


benefits of oranges for kids
Provide oranges to kids to boost immunity.

      Reduced Susceptibility to Cough and Cold


Changing weather often triggers cold and cough
in kids. Infants with lower immunity are more susceptible to cough and cold. Interestingly,
oranges contain immunity-building nutrients that help your kids combat cold and


                                Orange Crunch Cake with Orange Cream Vodka

      Quick Recovery from Typhoid


Typhoid fever causes acute abdominal pain and
ruins the digestive strength of the patients. You can serve oranges as an
alternative liquid diet to your children suffering from typhoid. Their
sensitive stomach can easily digest the juices and liquid and help in early
recovery when a solid diet is not feasible.


      Remedy for Anemia


Oranges contain vitamin C that help in
absorbing more iron content, thereby increasing the hemoglobin count and
preventing the symptoms of anemia. Serve a glass of fresh orange juice to your
kids each day to maintain a healthy hemoglobin count.

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      Improve Vision and Dental Health


Oranges contain high amounts of vitamin A,
phytonutrients, and flavonoids. These components are essential to maintain healthy skin and perfect vision. Vitamin C in oranges boosts collagen
production in kids that are essential for the development of bones, ligaments,
tendons, blood vessels, and gums. Vitamin C also plays a protective role in
wound healing and cell repair.

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Orange Recipes for Kids


Oranges are tasty and nutritious, with several nutrients and
antioxidants. They can be an excellent addition to the diet of your kids. You
can make many delicious recipes or include them in different food preparations
to provide a healthy replacement for processed snacks. Here are three
appetizing orange recipes for kids:


      Orange Peach Smoothie


Fruit smoothies are a healthy substitute for
canned beverages and processed soft drinks.


orange smoothie recipe
Try this orange smoothie at home.


      freshly extracted orange juice – ½ cup

      peeled, chopped pieces of peach – ½ cup


      Yogurt – ½ cup



Add all the ingredients into a blender and
blend them into a smooth paste. Add water to adjust consistency until it turns
into a smoothie mix. Refrigerate for an hour. Serve chilled to your kids.


      Orange Ice Cream Pops


Who can turn down an icy popsicle? Ice cream
pops are a great way to include fruit in the diet of your kids.



      Two scoops of vanilla ice cream

      Cold milk – 1 cup

      Freshly extracted orange juice



Add all the ingredients into a blender. Blend
into a smooth thick paste. Pour the mixture into plastic cups filling them in
half. Cover the cups with cling film or aluminum foil. Insert popsicle sticks
in the middle and keep them in the freezer until they turn solid.



      Tasty Orange Salad with Grapes


If your kids are old enough to chew, you can
make this refreshing salad for them.


      Freshly chopped orange slices

      Orange juice

      Handful of grapes

      A handful of chopped nuts

      A scoop of vanilla ice cream



Add the fruits and vanilla ice cream to a
mixing bowl. Give a good mix of all the ingredients. Garnish with your favorite
nuts like cashews, almonds, and pistachio. Enjoy this nutritious bowl of
refreshment at brunch or as a healthy evening snack.


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