Dating As a Single Parent – Super Tips and Advice


Being a single parent can be a very demanding task. In the past it has been said that once you become a single father or mother, dating and finding a partner is a near impossible task – it just is too difficult to date whilst being the only guardian of a child/children. However, this is not true of today’s society! Internet dating has made it far easier for lone parents to find a partner from the comfort of their own home. Here are a few tips to help any single parents find a partner:

1. Take your time! It is very important that you do not rush into relationships. Whilst it is important that you enjoy yourself, bringing lots of new partners into a home with children can be a difficult experience for some young people. Make sure that you are considerate towards them and try to only introduce your partners to your family if you are serious.

2. Make sure that you are compatible! If you find yourself developing a serious relationship, it is inevitable that your partner will come into contact with your children. Finding out that your partner does not share your particular philosophy on how to deal with your child can have a real adverse affect on a relationship. It is the type of thing that it is important to get sorted fairly early on in the relationship.

3. Frequent areas for parents looking too meet one another! There are places other than outside your child’s school for you to meet! There are scores of popular internet dating sites specifically for single parents. Bars and clubs will often have social events for people in the same position which provides a huge opportunity to meet other people s who want to enter a relationship.

4. Enjoy yourself! Although you now have the responsibility of looking after a child/children, it does not mean that you are no longer allowed to enjoy yourself and have fun. It is definitely worth taking some time out to meet people. Leave the kids with a close family friend or relative or hire a babysitter for the evening. This is probably the healthiest way to meet other people.

In 2009 a study was conducted looking at the dating habits of single parents. It revealed that 92% of single parents were only interested in dating other single parents. With that kind of interest and the number of single parents out there, finding a partner is not a difficult task at all!

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