Examples of C2C Customer-to-Customer Websites

What are some examples of C2C sites? In a nutshell, a C2C site is an eCommerce portal that enables retailers and vendors to sell each other products and services via a secured online system. C2C sites usually come with their online storefront where both parties (retailer and vendor) can display their products and services for sale. These sites work best in conjunction with affiliate systems that provide merchants with C2C links and banners so that the online seller can advertise their products or services.

There are many examples of c2c sites but let us look at a few. One is an online travel site where travel-related items such as hotel rooms, travel guides, etc. can be sold.

Platform that connects eCommerce

There are c2c examples like platforms that connect eCommerce shops, boutiques, restaurants, stores, etc. This kind of site would not only allow eCommerce shop owners to earn money through … Read More