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What Parents Need To Know About The New Peanut Allergy Drug

The Food stuff and Drug Administration final week authorized the initial drug to treat peanut allergies, which will go by the identify Palforzia.

The approval was key news, and rightly so. It is approximated that more than one million youngsters in the United States have peanut allergies. Moms and dads want help keep their children safe and sound, and until eventually now the options have been confined.

“For peanut allergies, the procedure has normally been avoidance. Just avoid, avoid, avoid — and then use epinephrine for when you have anaphylaxis,” explained Dr. Jonathan Spergel, main of the Allergy Plan at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, one of the investigation internet sites for the new medication.

“This treatment is a big offer,” Spergel explained, “because it is the initial procedure beyond avoidance.”

But what does Palforzia do, and what does it mean for families at a realistic amount? Here’s what we know

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