Baby Nutrition

Formula Companies Are Cashing In On ‘Toddler Milk.’ Don’t Fall For It.

For the first yr of existence, the rules about what to feed your little one are spelled out rather obviously for mother and father. It’s components or breastmilk (teams like the American Academy of Pediatrics advise that girls consider for the latter), moreover complementary foods from about 6 months on. Right after your little one turns 1, the AAP endorses introducing total cow’s milk.

But a new and confusing alternate option has cropped up more than the past ten years: “toddler milks.” These milk-dependent products, marketed by components providers and billed as while they’re the following action for kiddos, tend to have additional sugars, more sodium and fewer protein than simple total milk.

But they’re being marketed to mother and father like outrageous. In accordance to new investigate published Tuesday, components providers quadrupled their advertising of toddler milk products concerning 2006 and 2015. And mother and father seem to be

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