Balance His and Hers in the Bathroom Brisbane


When attempting to redesign a bathroom or design it for the first time, it is important to be able to create an equal balance between a masculine and feminine look and feel. This will help to ensure that one person does not feel like the other person had the most control and influence over that particular room and what went into it. By using an interior design that balances the two aspects of masculinity and femininity, this will also help to reduce the amount of disagreements or arguments that may occur later on down the road when each person begins to get frustrated with the other for various reasons.

For an idea of what constitutes as being masculine, listed below are some ideas. Color choices for a male dominated bathroom brisbane are typically base colors such as green, blue, brown, or gray. Bathrooms are typically painted in a lighter color so it gives the illusion that the space is much bigger than it really is. The shower curtain is usually made out of a heavier material, such as canvas or a heavy cotton. This color is also darker than normal; but lighter to increase the illusion of space. If there are windows, they are typically either covered with simple blinds or are frosted glass so that there is no need for anything to be hanging from them. Typically, there are little to no accessories, except for the necessities such as towels and toilet paper that are present in a male bathroom. There are also usually dark, clean lines that help to round out the male dominated feel of the room.

When considering a feminine bathroom, the rules become quite different. The colors of the walls are often much brighter and paler compared to a masculine room. The shower curtain has decorations and patterns in and on it. The windows may have curtains or decorative blinds. The floor mat is colorful and more decorative so that it brings the room together. The accessories within the room are used to bring the whole experience together instead of simply being the bare necessities. In order to make the male feel like the bathroom is his space too, a compromise should be reached.

Both parties want to feel like the bathroom is his and her space; not just one or the other. In order to do this, there should be some feminine elements of the bathroom such as a somewhat decorative shower curtain, some low-key blinds or curtains, a functional yet appealing floor mat, and only a limited number of accessories that both people agree on. In order to incorporate some masculine elements, one should include strong lines, maybe some darker furniture or accessories, a neutral wall color so that it not only makes the space seem larger but also makes the room feel balanced between masculine and feminine. An idea to consider would be to choose a double bathroom vanity together. A double vanity will make sure there are no fights over the sink in the morning; and picking it together will ensure you both land on something you can agree on. Also, make sure the man has input when designing the bathroom. He will be using it as well, although probably not as much as the woman. It is important that he gets to incorporate what he likes so that he does not feel that it is a completely feminine room.

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