After Starship test fire Elon Musk expects 150m hop ‘soon’


Elon Musk’s hopes for Starship to attain orbit before this spring did not pretty pan out, but a recent test firing has the SpaceX CEO expecting to see the company’s new auto take flight soon. On Thursday he tweeted that its new SN5 make done a complete length static fireplace, and mentioned a 150m test hop will happen “soon.” Of system, 10 times ago he mentioned there would be a flight try within a 7 days, but they are making progress.

Last August we observed SpaceX’s Starhopper test auto entire a 150m Raptor-powered “bounce” and faster or later on the actual Starship will make a very similar test flight. The business has ongoing to iterate on its style and stress test prototypes — we don’t forget SN4’s finish — as it moves nearer to actual flight. If there’s any facts on a webcast of the celebration, we’ll allow you know. Even with the Crew Dragon scheduled for a return this weekend, SpaceX’s precedence is the Starship undertaking.

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