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Hello friends,

I just wished to enable you know about a excellent, one particular-time provide, to acquire “Where am I from?” in a hardcover format for just $6.79! The enterprise that shares this e-book of mine is moving to a more substantial warehouse in New York, and they’d alternatively promote their latest inventory of publications rather than shift them. It is an wonderful supply and you could obtain tons of textbooks from distinct authors to offer you them as presents (i.e. for Christmas) <3.

This offer is valid till stock lasts or till the end of this month, 31st October 2022. It’s valid worldwide, but because of the high shipping costs involved at an international level, it would only make sense for USA residents to order and send books directly to friends and family who live there.

You can order “Where am I from?” at https://oakiebees.com/products/where-am-i-from
Just use the code MOVINGDAY and get 60% OFF on all the books that you’re going to order through the OAKIEBEES bookstore.

If you live in Europe, you can order this book directly from the publisher, Faraxa Publishing, in Malta, EU, for just €9.50 (also heavily discounted)!  

You can order “Where am I from?” at https://www.faraxabooks.com/product/where-am-i-from

“Where am I from?” is my very first book, and it’s very special for many reasons: it got created together with the public (Kickstarter campaign), and all the illustrations are photos of real murals that feature real children of mixed ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. Most of the murals have been painted (with permission) on the walls of public elementary schools by the street artist Platon. You can see some behind-the-scenes photos here

As always, thank you for reading, and I wish you a lovely end of the week and Halloween celebrations to the ones celebrating.

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