5 Mom Seduction Tips


Sometimes mothers are just plain sexy. Curvy and confident, some guys will find them to be irresistible. The trouble is, they’re usually so busy with their kids, it’s hard to effectively get them into bed! I’ve come up with a few mom seduction tips, that will maximise your chances of getting with a mature woman, even if she’s still married!

5 Mom Seduction Tips

1) Play the caring “dad” type. Most mother’s will appreciate a guy who’s kids like them. Play with them, take them out, but don’t get so close as to treat them as your own. She might get a bit jealous or protective if you do that.

2) Mother’s work hard all day, then come home to cook, clean, and put the kids to bed. Offer to cook dinner for her and the kids. As you get closer, you might want to offer to pay a babysitter to look after her kids while you take the mom out for dinner.

3) If she’s married, you’ll obviously want to try alternative methods. You need to isolate her from her husband and kids. You might be surprised at how many working married mothers frequent some of the classier clubs and bars.

4) Emphasize your passion for excitement and new things. Mothers generally have a very autonomous life. Waking up early, making breakfast for the kids, sending them to school, cleaning the house, etc.. Spice up her life with an exciting night out on the town!

5) You’re going to need to work hard on gaining her trust. Since she’s got kids, they’re going to be her number 1 priority. Playing the “bad boy” doesn’t go well with mom seduction.

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