3 Tips for Making the Most of Milestone Pictures


Babies grow through their first year of changes so fast that you hardly have a chance to appreciate each one before it is time for the next. This is why many parents choose to do milestone pictures every month for the first year or so. Finding the right blend of cute and quirky to match your little one can sometimes be tricky, however, and you can end up feeling like your pictures blend in with the crowd on social media. When you use these three tips, you can break out of the rut and have photos truly representative of your baby and family.

Celebrate Your Family’s Passions

One of the best ways to make your baby’s milestone pictures truly family treasures is to include your family’s passions in each one. For instance, if you are sports fans, then you can get baby Lakers clothes for your little one to celebrate the playoffs. Families who like to camp can set up outdoor sessions with toy camping gear as props and you can even find baby clothes resembling the uniforms of various superheroes, professions and movie characters.

Plan for Multiple Changes

As frustrating as it may be, babies tend to make a big mess out of their clothing with little to no notice. So planning on multiple diaper and outfit changes, as well as changes to the props and furniture is a must. Before you leave the house it is a good idea to have plans B-F packed as well. Even if your child does not spit up on his or her best outfit a second before the shutter closes, having a change or two of clothes can add variety to each photo session.

Choose the Right Photographer

The right photographer for your milestone pictures may not be a big professional with a studio, it might be you in your own home. There are many things to keep in mind when looking for the right person to take your photos such as your budgets for both time and money, the availability of the photographer and even the quality of his or her work. Some professionals will offer you milestone packages, digital copies and releases or even on-site printing to sweeten the deal.

When you are planning the milestone pictures for your baby, it is important to keep in mind that you can make them as casual and unique as you want. Ultimately, you want family keepsakes that can bring back fun memories of championship games, multiple costume changes and fussy babies with all the glam that the right photographer can offer.

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