Day: June 3, 2022

How should we talk to kids about mass shootings? Local experts offer advice and resources

It can be tough to know how to converse with kids about frightening things — particularly points like violence that involves other youngsters. The mass shooting at an elementary faculty in Texas is something small children may possibly hear about at university today or by using social media or through conversations with close friends.

So mothers and fathers may want to be prepared to enable their children system this disturbing news.

Several a long time ago, when a gunman opened fire at the Tree of Lifestyle synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Tracy Certo interviewed Dr. Debi Gilboa, a family physician at the Squirrel Hill Wellbeing Center. Dr. Gilboa, identified as Dr. G, shared her qualified tips about chatting with children, and we assumed re-sharing her suggestions could be handy.

A mother of four, Dr. G seems frequently on the “Today Show” to give parenting information, including this age-by-age guideline created for

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