Month: April 2021

Breastfeeding linked to higher neurocognitive testing scores in offspring — ScienceDaily

New study finds that small children who have been breastfed scored larger on neurocognitive exams. Researchers in the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience at the University of Rochester Health-related Middle (URMC) analyzed thousands of cognitive exams taken by nine and 10-year-olds whose mothers claimed they have been breastfed, and compared those effects to scores of small children who have been not.

“Our findings recommend that any amount of breastfeeding has a optimistic cognitive impact, even after just a number of months.” Daniel Adan Lopez, Ph.D. candidate in the Epidemiology program who is 1st creator on the study not too long ago posted in the journal Frontiers in General public Health and fitness. “Which is what is remarkable about these effects. Hopefully from a coverage standpoint, this can support strengthen the motivation to breastfeed.”

Hayley Martin, Ph.D., a fourth year clinical student in the Health-related Scientist Training Plan and co-creator

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