Day: January 31, 2021

How America Changed During Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump shocked the political planet in 2016 when he became the initial particular person devoid of federal government or armed service expertise at any time to be elected president of the United States. His four-yr tenure in the White Household discovered incredible fissures in American modern society but still left very little question that he is a determine not like any other in the nation’s record.

Trump, the New York businessman and former fact Television exhibit star, gained the 2016 election right after a marketing campaign that defied norms and commanded public awareness from the minute it started. His solution to governing was similarly unconventional.

Other presidents tried to unify the nation right after turning from the marketing campaign trail to the White Household. From his initial times in Washington to his previous, Trump seemed to revel in the political combat. He used his presidential megaphone to criticize a 

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