Day: September 6, 2020

Children can have COVID-19 antibodies and virus in their system simultaneously, raising questions about transmission window

September 03, 2020

With many queries remaining all over how children unfold COVID-19, Children’s Nationwide Hospital researchers established out to make improvements to the knowledge of how lengthy it takes pediatric individuals with the virus to distinct it from their methods, and at what point they start out to make antibodies that function versus the coronavirus. The study, printed Sept. 3, 2020 in the Journal of Pediatrics, finds that the virus and antibodies can coexist in young individuals. 

“With most viruses, when you start out to detect antibodies, you will not detect the virus any longer. But with COVID-19, we’re viewing both equally,” says Burak Bahar, M.D., direct writer of the study and director of Laboratory Informatics at Children’s Nationwide. “This means children still have the prospective to transmit the virus even if antibodies are detected.”  

She adds that the following period of investigate will be to examination if the

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