Day: July 27, 2020

Exploring Relations between Beliefs about the Genetic Etiology of Virtue and the Endorsement of Parenting Practices: Parenting: Vol 0, No 0


We investigated associations between adults’ beliefs about the heritability of virtue and endorsements of the efficacy of distinct parenting models. Structure. In Experiments one (N = 405) and two (N = 400), beliefs about each the genetic etiology of virtuous properties and parenting had been assessed in samples of mother and father and non-mother and father. In Review 3 (N = 775), members had been induced to watch virtue as determined by genes or as determined by social variables. Heritability beliefs and authoritarian parenting endorsements had been subsequently measured. Outcomes. Review one and Review two converged to expose that tendencies to watch properties as determined by genes had been positively affiliated with endorsement of authoritarian parenting models. This association happened unbiased of person dissimilarities in essentialism and correct-wing authoritarianism. Review 3 uncovered that exposure to genetic accounts of virtue greater beliefs that virtue is brought about

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