16 Items That’ll Help Warm Up A Drafty House


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A door draft stopper to create a barrier over door gaps

PS: it’s soundproof, too!

Promising review: “So easy to set up! All you do is peel tape and adhere to a CLEAN and DRY door. Also looks great, I don’t even notice it. I had a huge gap under my door. I could smell and hear everything from the hallway. Smells, drafts, and sound all are less of an issue now.” —Brit B.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in four colors).

An additional weighted door draft stopper that’ll ensure a tight fit

Promising review: “If you have a drafty door you absolutely need this draft stopper. We replaced our back door and need to now do some upgrades to the actual floors however time is always an issue. In the mean time, there is a pretty noticeable draft coming from the door so I decided to order this draft stopper. I’ll tell you I wasn’t very hopeful, as I tried other draft stoppers but they weren’t all that helpful. However, this one works very well! It is made of fabric and has some weight to it which is a great feature. The added weight helps hold it down and absorb the cold. When I walk by the door and the draft stopper is on I cant feel ANY cold coming in… I highly recommend this door stopper if you have a drafty door. Whether it be for cool air in the winter or you losing ac in the summer.” —NikkiGet it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in three sizes and six colors).

A no-glue privacy window film more than 40,000 people gave a 5-star review

Promising review: “I bought this film so that I could still have privacy in my room, but still allow the sunlight that my plants need to enter the room. I am so happy with the results. There is a very noticeable difference in the amount of draft that comes in through my windows. I’d still have to insulate my windows once the temperature starts to drop more, which I always do every year anyway, but I can already tell that the draft isn’t going to be as bad as it used to be.” —ChitaWolfie

Get it from Amazon for $8.98+ (available in seven sizes).

An easy-to-use insulator kit

Each kit comes with enough clear film to insulate 10 standard windows. To apply it, you first attach the included double-sided tape to your window frame, measure your window and cut the film to size, press it onto the tape, and then shrink it with a blow-dryer so it adheres to your window. Some reviewers say they improved the process by working out bubbles with a credit card as they went. Promising review: “This product kept my apartment warm and toasty last winter! I live in an older (but charming) apartment and the windows are not only large, they’re not updated to be efficient. There was draft pretty much on all the windows in the apartment so the heater just keeps kicking in to warm the place. Of course, this means enormous heating bill. Last winter, my husband decided to try this product. We noticed the difference right away on the first night we had it installed! No more drafts and the apartment stayed pretty warm. We noticed a huge drop on our heating bill (almost $50/mo compared to previous year). It takes some time to install it especially because we have several windows in our apartment but it’s absolutely worth it! I am buying another box for this coming winter!” —D DaceraGet it from Amazon for $11.01+ (available in four different sizes).

A personal space heater so you can get the heat blasting as you work form home

Promising review: “I bought this to use under my desk to keep my feet warm. It’s perfect and as you can see it’s little (about the size of a medium coffee), so it’s not in the way of me hitting it with my feet. There’s a safety button on the bottom so the heater stops working when its tipped over, picked up, or not on a level surface. I like that feature a lot, definitely recommend purchasing if you need a little heater at a decent price!” —Ta2dmomGet it from Amazon for $20.19+ (available in four colors).

A pack of furnace filters to replace those dirty filters

Promising review: “These crisp filters are just right to filter your furnace and keep your HVAC system clean.” —What`s Up With This?

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $28.14+ (available in 11 sizes).

A set of blackout curtains you’ll want on every window in your home

Promising review: “These DO block out light and for where we are using them in our home, they’re perfect. They’re semi-energy efficient. I can definitely notice a draft difference when these are open/closed. We bought the Taupe/Cream color and it was true to the listing!” —Shaniqua Wells

Get it from Amazon for $18.84+ (available in14 sizes and 22 colors).

Or a pair of thermal insulated curtains

Promising review: “We have a bank of seven windows which makes the area cool on the fall and winter. Such a great help warming the area. Superb quality. Color is true to the picture. Extremely pleased with this purchase.” —JeanneGet them from Amazon for $15.08+ (available in 11 sizes and 17 colors).

And don’t forget to install your curtains using a wrap-around styled curtain rod

Promising review: “I purchased several of these rods. I am so happy that I did as they take my draperies or curtains all the way to the wall. I use them to cover the windows for winter to hold in the warmth. Love them.” —Kathleen MoonGet it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three colors and three sizes).

A caulk gun and adhesive set reviewers swear by for sealing off gaps

Promising review: “I’ve been replacing all of the floors, windows, and door moldings in our house and I’ve seriously left it uncaulked and unpainted since last summer because I was dreading caulking so much. Oh my god. I seriously LOVE caulking now. I’m walking around the house looking for gaps…I kid you not this thing ROCKS. I’m using the same tube of caulk (not just the same kind, but the same actual tube) that was giving me so much grief two weeks ago and it’s a dream now. Not a single drip, perfect lines that I can smooth out in a second with my fingertip. BUY THIS THING!” —craftyjavaGet the gun and adhesive from Amazon for $20.16.

A warm, dark-colored wool rug you’ll want to put in an area that gets lots of sunlight

Promising review: “This rug is extremely thick and warm. Very comfortable. The color is a perfect anchor for my brightly colored house.” —Pamela Get it from Wayfair for $95 (originally $299; available in 20 colors and five sizes).

A fireplace cover so you don’t*feel large gusts of winds blowing down the chimney

Kadi Boutique is a small business offering hand-crafted original products and specialty crafting supplies.

Promising review: “Very strong magnets, sturdy material. Good fit on the fireplace, it greatly reduced the draft on the lower level.” —Michael Ficocelli

Get it from Kadi Boutique on Etsy for $63+ (available in seven sizes).

An ultra-lofty down duvet insert made for winter

Promising review: “After reading multiple reviews for other comforters, I chose this one. Best decision ever!!! This comforter is perfection and I plan to buy another for our guest room. Thick, comfy, warm and affordable. I tossed it into the dryer for a few minutes after I took it out of the packaging and it fluffed way up! Chose to buy a king size for our queen size bed and am glad I did. The size is exactly what I hoped for.” —Jenna

Get it from Wayfair for $89.99+ (originally $105.99+; available in sizes Twin–King).

A BedJet cooling and warming system that makes it possible to stay cozy

Just plug this unit into an outlet, slip the vacuum-like tube under your sheets, set your preferred temperature, and you’re good to go. Since there are no wires, it won’t affect the coziness of your mattress!Promising review: “First time I have ever been moved to write a review on Amazon but this is the single most amazing product if you sleep hot! This thing WORKS and it is saving my life! It only took a NASA engineer to solve my propensity to burst into flames every night at 2 a.m.!” —MatthesGet it from Amazon for $449.

A roll of self-adhesive weatherstrip

Just cut to the length needed with scissors and then pop it in whatever gap/window track is giving you a headache.

Promising review: “My family and I just moved into our first apartment and found the front door did not have any thing stopping the drafts. As soon as we put this up we noticed a difference. We live in a windy area and the cold would just come through the door like it was open. 10/10 do recommend.” —Sugarbare

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in three sizes).

And an energy-efficient electric fireplace

Promising review: “Installation was quick and easy, it’s very very slim to the wall profile wise. The heat output is great and it’s quiet, it’s heating approximately 1,000-square-foot basement to comfortable levels. I was frozen down here, now I just set the fireplace on low and it’s 72 degrees. Plus it looks awesome, the remote is easy enough to use. I’ve had tons of compliments on it.” —m. codeGet it from Amazon for $244.99+ (available in five sizes).

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